Our growth is by design.

Our thesis is simple: growth of GDP, population and employment increase property and rental prices over the long-term. Specifically, we focus on markets where population growth outpaces both existing housing supply and near-term single-family and multi-family additions. Declining or below- average rate of home ownership and a ordable income-to-rent ratios are also determinants. In addition, we place a premium on business-friendly jurisdictions that attract diversified industries and corporate relocations or expansions. We believe this provides a foundation for sustained investment.

Our focus to date has been Greater Phoenix, a market that possesses all of our investment attributes. By being disciplined with our acquisition and operations strategy, we’ve been able to scale up significantly in Greater Phoenix over a short timeframe. We are now the second largest multi-family owner in the region, by number of units. And our pipeline for future acquisitions that meet our criteria remains very strong.

The Companies We Keep

Phoenix is host to a strong flow of corporate relocations and expansions. Key industries include: emerging technologies mission critical infrastructure, healthcare & biomedical, military / aviation, and consumer fulfillment/distribution centres.

Employers include:

+ Amazon
+ Apple
+ Arizona State University
+ Boeing
+ Honeywell
+ Intel
+ Lockheed Martin
+ Motorola
+ PetSmart
+ PayPal
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