We lock into markets where fundamentals drive rental demand

Our thesis is simple: growth of GDP, population and employment increase property and rental prices over the long-term. Specifically, we focus on markets where population growth outpaces both existing housing supply and near-term single-family and multifamily additions. Declining or below-average rate of home ownership and affordable income-to-rent ratios are also determinants.

In addition, we place a premium on business-friendly jurisdictions that attract diversified industries and corporate relocations or expansions. We believe this provides a foundation for sustained investment.

Our focus to date has been acquiring multifamily rental properties in Greater Phoenix and Texas, markets that possesses all of our investment attributes.

By being disciplined with our acquisition and operations strategy, we’ve been able to scale up significantly in Greater Phoenix over a short timeframe.  We are now the second largest multifamily owner in the region, by number of units.

We have also begun increasing our footprint in Texas, a market we entered in November 2017.

Our execution and results have formed strong relationships that give us access to some of the best multifamily investment opportunities in the American Southwest.

The Companies We Keep

Phoenix is host to a strong flow of corporate relocations and expansions. Key industries include: emerging technologies mission critical infrastructure, healthcare & biomedical, military / aviation, and consumer fulfillment/distribution centres.

Employers include:

+ Amazon
+ Apple
+ Arizona State University
+ Boeing
+ Honeywell
+ Intel
+ Lockheed Martin
+ Motorola
+ PetSmart
+ PayPal
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