Disciplined approach at Trails at Harris nets over 30% annualized return

North Vancouver, Canada (Feb. 6, 2018) – Western Wealth Capital (WWC), a growth-focused real estate investment company, is pleased to announce the completion of its sale of Trails at Harris, a multifamily unit building in the company’s Arizona portfolio.

WWC purchased the 216-unit Mesa multifamily building on October 30, 2015 for $15.675 million (all figures $US). WWC has now sold the multifamily community for $22.1 million – a 41% increase to acquisition price. Net of capital investments on building improvements, WWC investors in Trails at Harris received an annualized return of more than 30% over the 27-months.

The sale represents the company’s eleventh divestment to date. All WWC multifamily communities were sold above acquisition price and generated strong investor returns. The average annualized return of the company’s divestments to date is 36%, emphasizing the success of the company’s disciplined business strategy.

The uniformed performance also underlines the company’s aversion to risk, says Janet LePage, Chief Executive Officer

“First and foremost, we are in the business of creating wealth with the lowest exposure to risk,” says LePage. “Our sweet spot to date is acquiring underperforming Class B/C multifamily rental properties in cities with strong growth profiles and never deviating from our proven business strategy to unlock value with modest capital investment.”

WWC’s investment strategy typically has a three-to-five year horizon. WWC divests either when it is accretive at the end of the time horizon, or we receive an offer that exceeds our business plan targets.

Our disciplined strategy has six stages. We acquire undervalued multifamily rental properties; carefully allocate capital to accretive improvements; optimize operations to increase the asset’s net cash flow and valuation; refinance to return equity to investors; and, when appropriate, divest.

Since its inception in 2011, WWC has acquired 38 multifamily unit buildings, representing more than 6,800 units. Our current portfolio, net of divestments, includes 27 multifamily unit rental buildings (more than 5,200 units).

WWC is the second largest multifamily owner in the Phoenix area by number of units and is currently growing its footprint in Texas.


We have a singular focus: create wealth through well-selected real estate investment. We acquire underperforming multifamily rental properties and increase net operating income and valuation through an approach that has been successfully applied across our entire portfolio.  We manage these assets, distribute resulting cash flow to investors and, when appropriate, divest. We only focus on markets underpinned by the economic fundamentals of population, employment and GDP growth.  Our entry point is when these demand drivers place long-term pressure on vacancy rates and rental pricing.  To date, we have invested in the Phoenix and San Antonio markets. Our execution and results have formed strong relationships that give us access to some of the best multifamily investment opportunities in the American Southwest.

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