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Marble Creek

Annualized returns as high as 21%

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Western Wealth Capital has access to some of the best multi-family investment deals in Arizona. Our goal is to double investors’ equity by applying our proven value-add system to well-selected real estate in the Phoenix market.

Western Wealth Capital acquires underperforming, undervalued properties where we can add value and dramatically increase net operating income through our tried and tested methods. Our investment model has been consistently applied across our portfolio of properties and our refined and disciplined approach really works.

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Our Proven Track Record

We Help Investors Make Money in Real Estate

With over 30 years of experience, the Western Wealth Capital team has completed over 85 Projects and helped individuals just like you invest over $1,500,000,000 in real estate.

In the past twelve months we have completed five supplemental financing arrangements with our lenders enabling us to return an average of over 50% of those investors’ original equity in less than 20 months of their original investment. This approach allows our limited partners to continue to generate returns on their original investment while also being able to invest their equity in other opportunities to further build their wealth.

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Current Opportunity

Effective Annual Return as high as 21%: Inquire Today to Learn More

Marble Creek is a 244 unit multifamily community comprising of 108 one bedroom/ one bath, 48 two bedroom/ one bath and 88 two bedroom/ two bath units.

The property demonstrates excellent function and design within the interior living space. The property offers a tremendous value add opportunity as only the model unit has been upgraded and none of the units have washer/dryers. The interiors feature full-sized appliances in a spacious, open plan kitchen/dining room and living area. The units benefit from a private patio/balcony and select units have additional outside storage areas.

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The Western Wealth Capital Approach

Our proven value-add system has generated exceptional returns for our investors and joint venture partners. Consistently following our step-by-step process allows Western Wealth Capital to make decisions based on in-depth experience from the day we buy until the day we sell each property.

Western Wealth Capital has acquired 25 multi-family buildings in the past three years and has systematically increased the net operating income and increased the value of those properties.

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